Josefina Raphael Announced as Executive Director

In May of 2014 Advocates welcomed Josefina Raphael as Director of Operations. With her she brought a wealth of public sector and nonprofit experience including roles as CFO and COO; in addition to financial, budgetary, grants and management skills, Josefina has brought organization and structure to Advocates. Josefina is an incredible leader who works tirelessly to build community and donor relationships. She has the faith and support of our staff and of our board.
Josefina has spent the past 3 years working hand in hand with Peg Rudden, our Executive Director, Emeritus and has proven herself to be a worthy successor. I am very pleased to announce that after interviewing Josefina and reviewing numerous applicants for the role, by unanimous vote, our board has elected Josefina Executive Director, effective August 1, 2017. We welcome Josefina to this role and look forward to so many good things to come for the organization.
Thank you,
John Padilla
Board Chair
Advocates for Children CASA