CASA Connections: Help a CASA Family Impacted by COVID-19

CASA Connections Wish List

Our CASA children need us now more than ever! Many of our families and placements have limited resources and are now confronted with new challenges. We have single parents who have lost their jobs, placements that now have more mouths to feed, households with skyrocketing utility bills, and families who are no longer receiving the in-home therapy and supports that are critical to their well-being. Thank you for your support in providing stability and support to our families!

Please click one of the “donate” links below or connect with Andrea to discuss different ways that you might be able to offer some assistance. Thank you!

Andrea Tagtow
Director of Development & Community Relations

Utility Assistance

Many of our families have seen their utility bills increase drastically with the additional bodies at home. The Williams* family, for example, has estimated that their utilities will be an additional $400 this month. Please consider giving a donation to cover a portion of a families’ utility bill for the month of April.


Gift Cards for Groceries

While we have many children utilizing the free lunch programs that are taking place around the city, nearly every family we work with has reported concerns over not having enough money to buy groceries. The Rodriguez* children are in a single parent home where mom just lost her job last week. The kids are 10 and 13 and mom is using the little savings that she has in order to buy food for her children. Requests for gift cards to King Soopers, Safeway, and Walmart are in high demand right now!


Activities for Kids

From school to appointments to therapy to court – our kids are typically very busy! Now that they are home more and are limited in what outings they can have, our care providers are in desperate need of finding activities to keep these kids busy. Coloring books, cookie decorating sets, educational games, books are a few of the requests we have had from families.


If you would like to help in another way, please contact Andrea Tagtow at 303-328-2357 or Thank you!

All contributions to these families are fully tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a contribution to a CASA family impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, please select the “CASA Connections” campaign on the donation page.

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