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Access essential resources to support your journey as a Volunteer.

Volunteer Training

Learn more about becoming a Volunteer and the required training process below.

Continuing Education

Complete your required Continuing Education hours with suggested movies, books, podcasts, and  events.

Program Resources

Access essential resources for CASA children and youth, families, and care providers.

CASA Connects

What does the CASA Connects Program do?

Our team offers free facilitated meetings that bring together families, schools, and community partners, to formulate an action plan to address the needs of the youth and/or family and connect the family to programs and services.

Who is eligible?

Any youth and/or family in Douglas or Arapahoe County who have a child between 0-21 in the home.

How do I refer?

You can complete a referral here.

For additional questions please reach out to dccmp@adv4children.org.

Additional Resources:

The Juvenile Assessment Center

The Crisis Center 

All-Health Network 

SECOR Cares  

Volunteer Training Information

All CASA Volunteers & Mentors are required to complete the New Volunteer Training curriculum. This training consists of 32 hours over the span of three weeks. Training is a combination of webinars or face-to-face sessions, court observation, reading, videos, and quizzes, some of which can be done on your own time.

All Volunteers must also complete the fingerprint and background check forms found here


Continuing Education Information

We are excited to share resources and ideas for how you can get your 12 hours of continuing education this year. Scroll down to see monthly offerings and lists of suggested resources.

  • Continuing Ed Hours are counted from July 1 to June 30th.
  • You need one hour per month to meet National standards. You can get more hours in a month if that works best for you.
  • Remember to record your continuing education hours in Optima.
  • Your hours are prorated if you are sworn in after July of the current year.
    • September 2020 – 9 hours
    • January 2021 – 5 hours
    • March 2021 – 3 hours

Download the FAQ document to see answers to common questions.

Summary Response Guideline for Optima

In order for your continuing education hours to be approved in Optima you will need to put the title and what type of material it was (book, video, presentation, podcast, article). Please add the following information:

  • Summarize main points.
  • How will this help you in your role as a volunteer?
  • Does this information apply to your current case? If so, how will you use it?
  • Would you reccomend that other volunteers watch this? Why or why not?

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