Nicole Driggers’ mother taught her that although she cannot single-handedly mend the chaos and challenges in the world, she can carefully chip away at her own corner.

“I can’t prevent climate change or stop war, but I can work hard in my little nook of the world to erase sadness and suffering,” said Nicole.

As Nicole spent time in her space, filling it with happiness and love, she made some extra room for others – including CASA children. In fact, Nicole made room when the rest of the world was closing its doors, limiting contact, and discouraging connection.

“It was February 2020 when I signed up for CASA training,” said Nicole. “I was fully into it and then the world shut down.”

At first, Nicole shared everyone’s uncertainty, fear, and confusion. She stayed home with her children, shrinking their corner in the initial days of the pandemic. However, she stumbled across an article that changed everything.

“I read an article from Colorado Public Radio about CASAs providing support to children and families during the pandemic,” explained Nicole. “I felt inspired.”

Since then, Nicole has taken on two Dependency and Neglect cases. Throughout everything going on in the world, Nicole found ways to make a difference, carefully chipping away at her corner once again.

“Over time, the children seemed to realize that I was going to keep showing up,” said Nicole. “Our relationships have blossomed as a result. It’s amazing to have a relationship where they feel that they can trust me and safely share things with me.”

Working with children has always been Nicole’s calling. She has three children of her own and hopes that her work as a CASA Volunteer can teach them how to be there for others in this hectic and ever-changing world.

“One thing I love about being a CASA Volunteer is how my kids and husband see me,” said Nicole. “My daughter wrote a short story about me at school. She said that I was a kind person and that I love my CASA kids. I felt so much gratitude, purpose, and pride.”

While Nicole may be focused on chipping away at her little corner of the world, the impact she has made is certainly extending far beyond its walls and is felt by many.