Natl CASA Book List-Abuse

  • A Child Called It, Author:Dave Pelzer; A controversial memoir describing horrific abuse sustained by the author as a child, before he was finally rescued by an astute teacher.
  • A Deep Dark Secret, Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby; Sexually abused for five years, studious 12-year-old Jillian Maxwell lives in terror or her pedophile stepfather. An intense gem in an authentic voice.
  • As I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Author: Eileen Munro; A true story of abuse.
  • Broken; Author: Shy Keenan; A shocking true story of abuse
  • Child C, Author: Christopher Spry;Surviving a foster mothers reign of terror.
  • Damaged, Author: Cathy Glass; A small girl is placed into a foster home (the author’s) and is unable to form a relationship and mature due to past abuse.